Take Command 2nd Manassas

Take Command 2nd Manassas 0.0.0

The fate of America is in your hands; play as the Union or the Confederate side
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Paradox Interactive

Take Command: 2nd Manassas is the most detailed Civil War game to date, presenting nearly 50 scenarios with historically accurate maps, leaders and regiments as well as authentic flags that separate the different states... Play any leader on any battlefield of the 2nd Manassas campaign.

You can play all main battles from both fronts with as much or as little detail as you like. Command combat from a third-person view, with full military control over your troops. Just like those who fought in the American Civil War, you will face difficulties in communication, uncertainty over enemy positions and numerous other factors affecting the outcome of each battle.

What’s more, the scenarios are linked, meaning that the outcome of one battle will affect the next. In the end, there can only be one victor; you decide the outcome.

Main features:
- 48 Scenarios from the three most important battles of the 2nd Manassas Campaign
- Linked Scenario Tree: Results of one battle carry over into the next
- 5 Gigantic battlefield maps based on historical records from the Library of Congress, making them the most accurate American Civil War battlefield maps available in a PC game
- 3 Modes of gameplay: Historical, Open Play, & Custom/User-Created battles
- Control thousands of troops, including Generals, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery
- Supply Wagons, and direct them over 3D terrain
- Accurate weapon ballistics
- Historically accurate leaders, flags, regiments and battle environments. The ability to play as any leader in Custom/Open Play battles

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